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Title: Intoxication
Challenge: Sweeter Than Wine
Characters/Pairings: Crawford/Schuldig
Team: Weiss
Rating: R, m/m implied.
Word Count: 100

Crawford never liked drunks, in his opinion alcohol should be used in moderation. Schuldig was a sloppy drunk. Crawford mentally rolled his eyes as Schuldig refilled his glass. He was at the happy stage, which would soon segue into sad, then finally into affectionate. Affectionate might be an understatement, Crawford thought. Another glass of wine, Schuldig slouched further down on the sofa casting a not-so-subtle, hopeful glance Crawford’s way. Crawford sighed, he might not like drunks, but he couldn’t resist Schuldig in any condition. Pliant, agreeable, the voices in his head turned down, a very focused Schuldig; he was addicted.

Title: Intoxicated
Challenge: Sweeter Than Wine
Characters/Pairings: Crawford/Schuldig
Team: Weiss
Rating: R, m/m implied
Word Count: 100

Maybe it was the way their mouths meshed together, tongues tangled. Maybe the way all that red-gold hair wound around his fingers, maybe it was the way the curve of Schuldig’s cock fit into his hand. He wanted it all. The noises that started out small and quiet before growing louder, needier, urging Crawford on, letting him feel the control he had over Schuldig. Maybe it was the supple body, the smooth slide of his hand down Schuldig’s skin, coming to rest on his hip, fingertips just touching the swell of his ass. Whatever it was, he couldn’t get enough.
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