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Title: Zechs and Duo
Author: Marasmine
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Rating: R-ish just in case
Warnings: 6x2, 1xR, 3x4, hint of previous 1x2.


“I think I am starting to understand what you said about hope,” he said after a few moments silence. He leaned forward and kissed my cheek when I turned my head away. “Did you mean what you said about giving me tonight?”

“Yes.” I wasn’t so sure now. My heart wasn’t hammering and my blood wasn’t pounding anymore. Did I really want a one-night stand with him? I looked at his face and knew that the answer was still yes. Despite his words I didn’t expect him to want any more than that either. I had been a challenge to him all week. Once I wasn’t a challenge anymore ...

“Good! I don’t think I have enough will power to let you walk away now, tonight. Just remember that I want more than this one night,” he released my hands running his hands up my arms to my shoulders. I shivered in response and my eyes dropped helplessly to his lips. They were red and still slightly swollen from our passionate kiss. And I longed for the taste and heat of his mouth on mine.

“You would tempt a saint, Duo,” he murmured, folding his arms around me and pulling me to the edge of the seat. “And nobody has ever accused me of being a saint,” he breathed against my mouth as my arms went around him and our lips met again. And again. And again. My hands roamed across his back, tracing the contours of muscles through the velvet of his jacket, as the taste of him exploded through me. His hands were hot even through the cotton of my shirt. Our tongues curled together, sliding and stroking. Our lips twisted and searched for the best fit, the best angle. Our bodies strained together as he knelt between my spread legs, my thighs hugging his narrow hips.

“Too many clothes,” he panted raggedly when I tore my mouth from his, my jaw aching, my lungs burning for air nearly as much as my body was burning for him. I moaned my agreement against his neck as I sampled the taut skin beneath his ear. His hands slid down to my waist and pulled my lower body even closer to his. I ground my hips into his, rubbing my erection against the matching length of his. I tugged his jacket from his shoulders and he let go of me with one hand long enough to free that arm from the confining material. I arched my back, driving my pelvis almost painfully against him, as he nibbled down the tendons of my neck to my shoulder. I forced my hands between our bodies, fumbling with the buttons of his shirt. I got the shirt open from chest to waist and ripped it from the waistband of his breeches. I moaned again as my hands could at last explore the texture of his skin; smooth, silky and hard. I wanted to look and taste as well as touch. I wanted to run my tongue along his ribs, over the ridged muscles of his belly and lower. I wanted to learn every inch of his tall, elegant frame; every dip and curve. I wanted to know the different textures with my eyes, my hands, my mouth and my tongue. I wanted to mark that pale perfection as mine; to bite and suck and leave bruises; red signs of possession on that white skin. I wanted to be able to close my eyes and recall all of him; wherever I happened to be and whenever I wanted to.

“Not here,” he growled as he reclaimed my mouth; with a sinuous movement he stood up carrying me with him, one large hand cupping my ass and the other cradling my head. I wrapped my arms and legs around him. I didn’t care where we were going, only that we got there soon. He stumbled slightly and tore his mouth from mine. He swore but there was a hint of laughter as well, “Damn it! So much for smooth seduction.”

I moaned in disappointment at the loss of his lips but comforted myself with exploring his neck; nibbling and sucking the taut skin. Every step he took rubbed my throbbing flesh in painful pleasure. I rolled my hips to add to the sensation and was rewarded by a groan that vibrated through his throat to my lips. The hand at the back of my head clenched in my hair and pulled my face away from the delicious taste. I growled but let him pull my head back far enough to meet his eyes.

“Last chance to change your mind, Duo,” his voice wasn’t steady and his eyes were hot and wild. I spared a quick glance to our surroundings. He had moved us across the room to one of the doors I had noticed earlier. He was leaning against the frame, breathing hard. I frowned at him, unsure of why we had stopped here or what his words really meant. “If you are going to run ...” he added.

“Do I look like I am trying to escape?” I didn’t care that my voice was a husky growl. I licked my lips, tasting passion and Zechs in a heady combination. I focussed on his swollen mouth and pulled against his hold on my hair in an attempt to reach him.

“Just wanted to be sure,” his lips curled into a grin, “I don’t want any misunderstandings and my thinking isn’t at its clearest right now.”

“Who wants to think?” I laughed with him and he released his hold on my hair enough for me to reach his lips. The laughter was short lived as our mouths melded. His hand left my head and I was vaguely aware we were moving again. I was more interested in plundering the depths of his mouth and sucking his tongue into my own. I held him tighter as the world dipped and spun around us. I felt something other than Zechs supporting me and he pulled away again.

“Hold that place for a moment,” he muttered and disentangled my arms and legs from his body.

I shivered, suddenly cold without the heat of him pressed against me. I propped myself up on my elbows and watched him walk away. I tried to pull my scattered thoughts together. He had left me on an elaborate bed, my feet dangling above the floor, even though my knees were at the edge of the mattress, and he was heading for the door. Had he changed his mind? Had he really wanted me to change mine? What was going on? He reached the open door and pushed it shut. The snick of the lock engaging sounded very loud, even above my pounding heartbeat. I relaxed slightly, letting a different tension fill me as he turned and looked at me. His open shirt billowed around his torso, concealing the exciting contours my hands knew were there. He leaned back against the door and stared at me. Our eyes locked and messages passed between us that bypassed my brain and spoke directly to my body. His hands reached up and swiftly worked the cravat loose, drawing the silken length slowly from around his neck and letting it drop to the floor. He began to pace slowly towards me, freeing the collar and cuffs of the shirt as he approached. The fine cotton slid from his broad shoulders and fluttered to the floor. He took the last step that brought him to the side of the bed.

“Time for you to return the favour,” he said in a deep purr. I tore my eyes from his body to search his face. That predatory look was back again as he surveyed me sprawled across the covers. It made me flush, as it had earlier, but this time with pleasure and anticipation. He planted one booted foot between my knees and looked at me expectantly.

“Oh,” my sluggish brain made the connection and I struggled upright to grasp his boot as he had held mine. The leather slid smoothly from his leg as he supported himself lightly against one of the ornate bed posts. I dropped the boot and was ready when he raised the second one to my hands. That took only seconds to remove. He stepped back as I dropped it carelessly beside its companion. He hands were on his belt, swiftly working the fastenings and opening his breeches. My erection throbbed as his sprang free of the confining cloth. My eyes remained on the enticing length as he stripped away the last trappings of civilisation and stood naked before me. My eyes ran over the gleaming pale perfection of his body. He was still beautiful but without clothes he seemed much more dangerous. As though the elegant clothes were some sort of disguise for the predator who wore them. I licked my suddenly dry lips. I could see the marks I had left on his neck and I wanted to put more of them over the rest of that lithe body. His eyes darkened in response and he stepped forward again.

“You have too many clothes on Duo,” he complained as one knee depressed the mattress between my thighs and he leaned forward to fasten his mouth on mine, a cascade of platinum hair falling around my face.

“Mmmm,” I agreed against his lips, falling back as he pressed forwards. My hands raced across the hot sleek skin he had revealed for me. His hands were busy with my clothes and the remaining barriers soon vanished. We both moaned at the consummation of skin sliding against skin. I tensed slightly as his full weight settled on me, crushing me into the bedclothes. He rolled to his side, giving us both some room to explore one another. I let my mouth follow my hands across the varied landscape of his body, tasting and testing the resilience of his skin, the strength of his muscles, the desecration of the scars which might have taken his life at any point before we met. We curled and coiled in mutual exploration. It was not a leisurely or a gentle journey. It was a frantic, grasping, panting rush; a fight to see who could cover most skin; a race to drive the other beyond control; a competition where losing was its own reward; or was losing really winning?

His hand closed around me, squeezing, stroking, pumping, and my control shattered. I had waited too long, wanted too long and could not stop the orgasm that ripped through me. I did not want to stop it. I muffled my moans against his skin and let my body buck helplessly in his hold. My eyes closed and my brain spun to darkness. Warm lips caressing my face brought me back. I raised heavy eyelids to find Zechs watching me with an expression I could not read. I blinked and he smiled, the strange expression melting into heat. His mouth closed over mine and my energy returned. He pulled back to watch me again as my hands started to roam over his body. His hand was still resting on my stomach, cupping me gently, almost possessively, as I softened. Thought became possible again and I flushed as guilt attacked me. I had found release but the heated pressure against my side told me that he had not. I wriggled and, ignoring the cooling stickiness on my body, began to kiss my way down his chest.

“Yes!” He moaned and gave me more room, “Please! You don’t know how often...” The words trailed off as my mouth moved lower, nipping and sucking at his skin leaving a meandering trail of marks. I measured the length of him with my hand, stroking firmly, concentrating on his reactions to get the pressure right. I kissed and licked my way to his hipbone and down his leg. He groaned and his hips thrust into my teasing hand. I rested my cheek on the hard muscle of his thigh and watched my hand torment him. My thumb collected the moisture that was beading from the tip of his erection and massaged it around the flaring head as my fingers closed around him and stroked up and down squeezing and releasing, feeling his pulse throb through the large vein. I was watching his face as well and when his eyes shut I moved forward enough to take him in my mouth. I rolled my eyes up in time to see his snap open. I let my tongue taste him in short flicks. I was beginning to get hard again and his hand flexed as I swelled against his fingers. His other hand reached towards my head and then dropped again. Need was stark on his face. I stopped my teasing and let him more fully into my mouth. Sliding my lips down nearly to the platinum curls, relaxing my throat and letting his length fill my mouth and more. He trembled, fighting his own urge to thrust at this delicate moment. I smiled and hummed my appreciation for his restraint. He groaned; his eyes slits of blue fire as I began to move my head up and down, working the length of him, watching him all the while, as my fingers explored the other sensitive skin I longed to taste. He spread his legs further to allow me better access to the taut globes and the smooth skin they hid.

I felt him tauten and draw up. I increased the pressure of my hand cupping the delicate spheres and rubbed my thumb more firmly over the smooth skin, never quite reaching the puckered ring of his ass. I moved my head faster and added suction, drawing him in and out. Old skills returned quickly and I remembered to keep swallowing as I took him deep into my throat, burying my nose in those soft curls as he screamed and came. I raised my head enough for the last pulses to coat the inside of my mouth where I could savour the taste of him. I bathed him gently with my tongue until the rigidity left his body. His eyes rolled open and he stared at me. He stroked his hand through the cold remains of my earlier release and raised it deliberately to his lips, sucking his own fingers clean as I watched. His free hand buried itself in my hair and pulled me from my task, dragging my mouth to his. Our tongues battled, sharing the flavour of our combined releases.

“Next time, we come together,” he pulled back enough to pant against my lips.

“Next time?” I watched him warily. Surely he was sated now?

“You promised me tonight, if nothing more, Duo,” his body radiated a sudden tension, which was reflected in his eyes if not his voice. “The night is far from over! And there are many things I have dreamed of sharing with you.”

“I promised you tonight,” I agreed slowly. There were a lot of things I wanted to do to him too, that I thought I would not get chance to explore in this brief encounter. “But I am leaving in the morning,” I warned him. My passage was booked. I was going home to the colonies. Earth was not a place for someone like me.

“So be it,” he said softly, “If you want to leave in the morning, I won’t stop you. But the night is mine!”

“The night is ours,” I corrected him. “The night is ours!”
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